Stable administration formed at the county council

The election left the Conservatives one short of an overall majority with 31 of the 63 seats. Four independent councillors were elected along with 15 Labour councillors, 11 Liberal Democrats and two Greens.

Three of the independent councillors have agreed to support an administration with the Conservative group - these are Councillors Lynda Atkins, Les Sibley and Mark Gray.

Direction and purpose

Councillor Ian Hudspeth, the Leader of Oxfordshire County Council's Conservative group, said: "It was essential that we formed a stable administration to give direction and purpose to the county council looking forward to the period 2013-2017.

"With the assistance of the three independent councillors elected to represent communities in Wallingford, Bicester West and Benson and Cholsey I believe we will provide that."

Best job for local residents

The three independent county councillors jointly said: “As Independent county councillors we were elected to do the best possible job for our local residents, without being constrained by party political concerns. The alliance we have entered into will, we believe, deliver just that. We will provide enough support to ensure that the Conservative group, under Ian Hudspeth's leadership, will form a cabinet and will be able to deliver an annual budget, which we will influence in, we hope, a positive way.

“In our judgement, the interests of all Oxfordshire residents, including those in our divisions, will best be served by a stable administration which can deliver services over the four-year term of this council, balanced by robust and independent scrutiny.”

Further detail on May 14

Details of who will be members of the cabinet and scrutiny committees will not be announced until the full meeting of the county council on May 14.