Could you be a Shared Lives carer?

If you’re a regular listener to Bicester Community Radio, then you’ll probably have heard a set from Oliver, a DJ and electronic music artist. Oliver lives with carers Roger and Kym as part of the Shared Lives scheme, where carers share their family and community life with someone who needs support.

“I’ve been living permanently with (Roger and Kym) for three years” he says. “They’re great people, what they’ve allowed me to do is manage my finance and support me emotionally and they’ve also allowed me to pursue my music”

As well as a slot at Bicester Community Radio, Oliver is an active member of My Life, My Choice radio programme just one of the ways in which Roger and Kym have guided him to seek new opportunities. Roger even went with him on his first visit to Bicester Community Radio!

Care and support

Oliver is one of many adults in Oxfordshire who need care and support. In most cases, a member of their family or a close friend, shelter, day or residential service provides this help, but for some this is not possible. Instead one of the best ways of providing them with the kind of care they require is to offer them the chance to stay in a Shared Lives carer's home, or to be supported in their own home by a paid Shared Lives carer.

Oliver now with the support of Roger and Kym is looking to be involved with the Yellow Submarine Project in Oxford, he and Roger will visit the Yellow Submarine Café in Oxford, as well as helping Oliver to budget so that he can save a bit to help cover the costs of travel to Oxford and to pay for activities at yellow Submarine.
While Roger and Kym are paid for the service, it’s sharing their lives with Oliver that makes the real difference, helping to develop his independence and providing advice about relationships and friendships when Oliver has wanted a chat at home.

Could you be a shared lives carer?

Being a shared lives is a very rewarding and fulfilling role. It’s also one that would be very suitable for someone working from home. The Shared Lives scheme is looking for friendly, caring people willing to share their time and support in return for an agreed fee for the service provided, so if you’re interested why not find out more here?