Second life for broken garden furniture

As the FA Cup Final, a royal wedding and the ‘frazzle from France’ combine for a perfect BBQ weekend, residents can now recycle any broken or damaged hard plastic garden furniture.

Oxfordshire County Council waste strategy officer, Rachel Burns, said: “This weekend will see a lot of us checking our garden furniture before a cup final or royal wedding BBQ.

“Almost inevitably a lot of us will find a chair or table has suffered over winter and is no longer fit for use or that hard plastic outdoor toys are past their use-by date.

“Now when you take them to one of our seven tips around the county they can go off to be recycled into a huge range of products from new garden tables and chairs to children’s school rulers.

“But they must be made completely of plastic, we can’t accept items with metal components.”

All household waste and recycling centres are open from 8am to 5pm seven days a week but until 8pm on Thursdays between April and September.

Added Rachel: “If you can, visit on late opening on Thursdays or before 10am or after 3pm when our sites are at their least busiest. You don’t want to waste your weekend queueing at the tip.”

For a full list of what you can recycle, how and where visit our website