Ron Groves Sports Field, Kidlington

Travellers set up an encampment on the evening of Tuesday 19 June 2018 on Ron Groves sports field which is owned and managed by Kidlington Parish Council.

Below is a summary of actions taken, which will be updated when we have new information. You can find out more about the council’s response to gypsy and traveller encampments here 


Wednesday 20 June

An officer from the county council has visited today to provide assistance to the parish council.

The legal procedure for returning the site to normal has been started by the issuing of a landowners notice in relation to trespass on land owned by the parish council along with a code of conduct.

This is the first step in returning the site to normal and, while we would hope that the travellers move on shortly, an application will be made for a court order which would set a date for when the site must be vacated.