Flood recovery in Oxfordshire

Recovering from previous flooding

We have produced a flooding toolkit that provides advice and support for residents and businesses on preparing for and recovering from a flood.


If your property or business has been flooded or significantly impacted due to flooding by storm Henk between 2 to 12 January 2024, you may be eligible for grants under the Flood Recovery Framework. Read more about this on .gov.uk.

There are a number of schemes available, however certain eligibility criteria will need to be met to access the funding. For more information on what funding is available, eligibility criteria and how to claim please visit our Flood Toolkit website.


Most sandbags used for residential properties can be disposed of at one of our Household Waste and Recycling Centres. Use gloves when handling the sandbags, and speak to a member of site staff on arrival for further advice. Businesses should arrange their own collections.

A visit to the waste wizard provides further advice on the disposal of both contaminated and uncontaminated sandbags and other items in your area of Oxfordshire.

If you have unusued sandbags, it is recommended that you keep hold of these until the end of the flood season.

Cleaning and drying homes

When cleaning and drying a property affected by floods, it’s important to protect yourself from floodwater, which can be harmful to humans and animals. Wear rubber boots, protective overalls and waterproof gloves.

UKHSA has helpful information on staying safe while cleaning your home after a flood.

The National Flood Forum has produced a helpful leaflet to help those affected by flooding. It outlines what you can expect from your insurer over the comings weeks and months during recovery.

Protecting your health

Whilst all of us are familiar with a degree of adversity in life, flooding and its consequences is a particular difficult and stressful experience for everyone, and for some people it may be terrifying and even life-threatening. Whilst the waters may recede quite quickly, repairing the devastation left behind takes much longer. Practical problems, financial worries, red tape and uncertainty all need to be dealt with. 

Anyone caught up in this may feel upset, worried and exhausted. Such feelings can last a few days or weeks, depending on how long it takes for life to get back to some kind of normality.

If you are still experiencing significant distress 4-6 weeks after the floods, then you should seek a consultation with your family doctor for further advice and guidance. 

Flood warnings and flood alerts

You can keep up to date with flood warnings and alerts in Oxfordshire on the Environment Agency’s website or by following @EnvAgencySE on X. You can sign up to receive free flood warnings by email, text or both. 

For help and support you can also call the Environment Agency’s 24 hour flooding hotline on 0345 988 1188.

If the Environment Agency issues a flood alert this indicates that an area should prepare, including making defences and staying up to date with the latest information. When a flood warning is issued, this indicates a greater level of severity.

You can also monitor individual levels on the county's rivers, streams and brooks and rainfall statistics from rain gauges in your local area.

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