Retired bikes are re-tyred in Banbury

The Banbury hub initiative to repair and rebuild bikes for members’ use has been so successful that it is about to be launched as a not for profit company. The plan is to test-ride their company by selling refurbished bikes to county council employees before eventually opening up their offer to the public.

Cary Johnston, a qualified professional cycle mechanic and the hub community worker said: “More than 50 young people have been involved in this project from the outset and in the 6 months the scheme has been running, we have stripped down, repaired and completely rebuilt 40 cycles. 

“The natural progression is to give others the chance to benefit from the team’s expertise and we are all really excited about moving this project to another level.”

A 'can-do' attitude

Louise Chapman, Cabinet Member for Children, Young People and Families added:  “The young people involved in this project are a great example of what can be achieved with a positive, ‘can-do’ attitude.  

“I am delighted that they are now pushing forward with plans to help others benefit from their enterprising ideas and feel sure that if they remain focused their business plans will come to fruition.”

Each month, the group visits Alkerton Household Waste Recycling Centre near Banbury to claim the best discarded bikes or useful bike parts.  They are then taken back to their workshop at the Banbury youth hub and transformed into serviceable, second hand bikes.

For information about the scheme, call 01865 328440.