Recruiting for the Care Sector in Oxfordshire

Residents who are looking for a new career in the care industry are encouraged to apply to the Oxfordshire Association of Care Providers (OACP), especially if they are looking for new avenues of income during the current coronavirus crisis.

Businesses and services have been closed to stop the spread of coronavirus, but one sector which is active and working 24/7 is adult social care.

OACP is reaching out to all those people who:

  • available for work (temporary and long term);
  • work for a business which is closing;
  • need additional work to provide income.

Adult social care across the county is about supporting people to maintain their independence, dignity and control.

It’s not all about direct care roles. This includes providing personal and practical support to help people live their lives. Other roles include cleaners, chefs and maintenance and office staff.

There are various roles available in social care depending what the public want to do, where people can work and different individuals who require support and care.

Adult social care workers could involve working in a care home, in the local community or in someone’s own home. Individuals could be supporting someone with a range of disabilities, dementia or mental health conditions.

Oxfordshire County Council is supporting the OACP to deliver care to across the county and is keen to encourage the general public to consider a career in the care sector.

Eddy McDowall, CEO, Oxfordshire Association of Care Providers said: “This is a fantastic opportunity for you to gain skills and knowledge to use in your everyday life. And what better time to give something back AND get paid for it. Adult social care is a fabulous place to work in and a highly skilled environment. You will meet some extraordinary people and gain some wonderful memories. Full training will be provided by each care provider.’’

Stephen Chandler, the Director for Adult Social Care at Oxfordshire County Council said: “We know that people in Oxfordshire have the right skills, ambition and a lot of compassion for people in their community. We want to invite you to join a community of professionals, who care deeply for the people they support and for each other too!”

To see the current vacancies available, the public are told to register their interest in three easy ways: