Rainfall and Oxfordshire's river levels

Consistent rainfall throughout late December and early January led to high river levels on many watercourses in Oxfordshire.  Drier weather means this is slowly subsiding but flood alerts remain in place.

Below is useful information for local people to monitor the situation in their part of the county - especially when the Environment Agency issues flood alerts or the more serious flood warnings.

There are also links to the Met Office's weather warning bulletins.

Flood Alerts and Flood Warnings

If the Environment Agency issues a flood alert this indicates that an area should prepare, including making defences and staying up to date with the latest flood alerts. When a flood warning is issued, this indicates a greater level of severity.

You can keep in touch with the Environment Agency's regularly updated information relating to current flood alerts and flood warnings and the five-day flood risk for Oxfordshire. This page also captures flood alerts and warnings from areas immediately adjacent to the county.

Meanwhile it is also possible to monitor individual levels on the county's rivers, streams and brooks.

Flood water is not clean and not suitable for children to play in. There might be hidden hazards under the water such as manhole covers that have lifted. Anyone who has been in flood water should wash their hands at the soonest opportunity.

You can sign up to receive flood warnings from the Environment Agency. Alternatively you can call Floodline on 0345 988 1188 to register. The service is free and you can choose to receive notifications of flood warnings by email, text, or both.

Weather forecasts

The Met Office issues weather warnings when severe weather is expected. These give an indication of problematic weather that may be on its way to Oxfordshire and could further influence river levels.

The Met Office rainfall radar gives an up-to-date picture of weather as it currently stands in Oxfordshire and surrounding areas.

Flooding advice

Oxfordshire County Council has produced a flooding toolkit which provides advice and support for residents and businesses. it gives information on preparing for instances of flooding. 

School closures

Schools are asked to update this page on the county council's website should they need to close for any emergency reason including flooding