Plans approved to improve journeys between Witney and Oxford

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Residents are set to benefit from improvements to bus lanes and walking and cycling upgrades along the A40 after the county council’s cabinet agreed proposals for a major project at its meeting on 18 July.

The approved proposals aim to improve access between Witney and Oxford. They include dedicated bus lanes between Eynsham Park and Ride and Oxford, as well as the addition of controlled crossings and upgraded shared-use paths to make walking and cycling safer along the historically congested A40 between Witney and Oxford.   

Councillor Duncan Enright, Oxfordshire County Council’s Cabinet Member for Travel and Development Strategy, said: “This investment in travel along the A40 is much needed. Our intention is to make it easier to access West Oxfordshire, and to make best use of the funds available to improve bus services and prioritise active travel. The new, improved cycle route will offer better and safer facilities for residents and visitors alike.”   

These approved proposals form one phase of a wider A40 improvements programme and will contribute to the council’s vision for a greener, healthier county. It complements other travel projects (including the park and ride under construction at Eynsham), working together to help reduce traffic, improve bus services and make walking and cycling safer across Oxfordshire.  

In light of global inflationary pressures, the A40 improvements programme has been under review since autumn 2022. The county council has been working with partners to review funding for the whole programme. The government’s housing infrastructure fund (HIF2) will be used to construct this proposed stage. 

Public consultation and stakeholder engagement on the plans will follow and later phases of work will be planned and delivered as funding becomes available.    


For more information about this release contact Oxfordshire County Council’s communications team on 01865 323870 or email press.office@oxfordshire.gov.uk



Notes to editors

How the planned work fits into the wider programme of improvements in the area

The proposed initial phase of the housing infrastructure fund (HIF2) A40 improvements programme will include the following:

  • A continuous dedicated bus lane eastbound between the new Eynsham Park and Ride and Wolvercote
  • A dedicated westbound bus lane between Dukes Cut and the Eynsham Park and Ride, focused on the parts of the route where buses are most delayed.
  • Improvements for active travel (walking, cycling) - to align with DfT LTN 1/20 guidelines including:
    • A continuous, upgraded shared-use path between Eynsham Park and Ride and Wolvercote on the south side of the A40
    • A continuous, upgraded shared-use path on the north side of the A40 between Eynsham Park and Ride and Shores Green
    • Sections of upgraded shared-use path between Eynsham Park and Ride and Wolvercote
    • New signal-controlled crossings at points along the A40 corridor to support and prioritise local journeys by active travel

Elements of the wider A40 improvements programme in progress now:

  • Eynsham Park and Ride
    • Currently under construction is a new 850 space park and ride in Eynsham will provide easier access to improved and more reliable bus services into Oxford.
  • A40 Oxford North
    • Currently under construction are improved bus, cycle, and pedestrian routes between the Wolvercote roundabout and the A34 flyover
  • A40 Access to Witney
    • The A40 Access to Witney project includes improvements to the existing B4022/ A40 junction at Shores Green. The council has planning permission and land negotiations are underway.

Other elements of the A40 improvements programme that could make up future phases include the A40 dual carriageway extension which will upgrade the A40 between east of Witney to the Eynsham park and ride site into a dual carriageway.