Photos of Abingdon World War One soldiers sought for library display

Library staff are working with the Abingdon Area Archaeological and History Society to build up a photographic display to engage locals more with the war. August 4 marks the 100-year anniversary of when Britain declared war on Germany.

The display, at the library at The Charter, will also show the Abingdon Roll of Honour, which gives the names and addresses of those from Abingdon who served in the First World War, including soldiers who did not return.

A local display

Library manager Lynne Moores is also hoping image contributors can also supply information, such as names and ages, about the photographs.

She said: "We wanted to raise awareness locally about how soldiers from Abingdon served in the First World War and we are keen to hear from anybody who might have photographs that we could use in our display to help mark the 100-year anniversary.

"It would be good too if contributors were able to pass on names and any other details about those in the pictures, so we can put add some information to the photographs that will be on display."

Original photographs can be scanned by library staff and then returned.