Partnership working in Banbury results in new 20mph signs near school

The advisory signage, which will be activated by drivers if they exceed the road's speed limit, has been installed southbound and northbound on Queensway near Queensway Primary School.

Headteacher Sarah Jakeman had contacted council road safety and highways officers about concerns parents had raised with her regarding walking to the Brantwood Rise school.

Council staff subsequently assessed the site and £2,382 from developers of a nearby housing scheme was secured to fund the project.


On Thursday September 4 at 3pm the signs will be officially launched, with a special ceremony attended by Miss Jakeman, local county councillor Kieron Mallon and firefighters from Banbury Fire Station. 

Parents will be invited to an autumn session with road safety officers to learn about Footsteps, an Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue initiative which teaches how to prepare children to make decisions about traffic.

Partnership working

Miss Jakeman said: "Several parents had raised the issue of the difficulties their children face in walking to school with vehicles exceeding the 20mph limit on Queensway.

"I got in contact with Oxfordshire County Council and I am grateful to everybody who has been involved in installing the signage. I hope the signs will encourage motorists to keep their driving speed down, which in turn will help keep children and families safer."

Kerry Blair, Group Manager for Cherwell and West Oxfordshire for Oxfordshire County Council's Fire and Rescue Service, said: "Sometimes motorists need a gentle reminder what the speed limit is - these new signs will only light-up when a vehicle is detected to be travelling over 20mph.

"We hope that they will contribute to a safer walk to school for children and their parents, who will also have the chance to learn about Footsteps, an additional tool to help children learn more about road safety."