Parents of Oxfordshire under-fives invited to help shape their education

Parents and carers of under-fives are being invited to help shape the early years education of their children as part of Oxfordshire County Council’s school readiness work.  

The council is committed to giving every child the very best start in life and knows that early relationships with teachers and caregivers builds children’s confidence.

Challenges associated with COVID-19 mean many children are beginning their schooling without having experienced the usual levels of social interaction. Therefore, the council wants to hear from parents and carers, and professionals to better understand the needs of these future school starters. 

Early experiences influence the development of important life skills such as language, problem solving, social ability, behaviour and emotional intelligence. These characteristics often determine how well a child will do not only in school, but in adult life too.

The pandemic and resulting lockdowns impacted on many pre-school age children, with fewer opportunities to build their speech and language, and in some cases they have experienced mental health issues.

That is why Oxfordshire County Council believes the time is right to work with parents, carers, and key groups such as headteachers, health professionals, and voluntary organisations to build a comprehensive picture of children’s needs. And to shape their education based on the findings.

The school readiness survey will run until Sunday 12 March 2023.

It can be completed online here.

Or for a written copy by calling 0845 604 2346 or emailing Schoolreadiness@oxfordshire.gov.uk


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