Oxfordshire’s Household Waste Recycling Centres – REMAIN CLOSED

Residents in Oxfordshire are being reminded that all of Oxfordshire’s Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs) remain closed with Government guidance clear that residents should not leave home except for essential journeys.

All councils in Oxfordshire are appreciative that residents continue to show understanding of the changes that need to be made during these difficult times. All district councils are currently running good collection services and are able to collect and dispose of the vast majority of ‘everyday’ waste produced by residents. Please check your local councils’ website for the latest information and advice.

We would ask that residents store any waste that cannot be placed into their kerbside collections until HWRCs are open again. Where storing your waste is not practical, local businesses can remove your waste for an appropriate charge.

To ensure rogue traders are not used please always pay by card and ask in advance for contact details including vehicle registration and their Waste Carriers Certificate. Yellow pages, trust a trader and Which Trusted Traders are just some of the ways you can research a suitable trader. You may also want to consider taking a photo of the vehicle used to collect your waste, which no respectable contractor will object to. This will help prevent the risk of your waste then being flytipped.