Oxford fire station could be transformed

An Oxford fire station is set to be transformed as a result of proposals being made by Oxfordshire County Council’s Fire and Rescue Service.   

Options for a much-needed development of Rewley Road fire station have been under consideration for some time. 

A recent approach by a developer provides an opportunity to progress plans, designed to bring benefits for both firefighters and residents. The county council’s cabinet will receive a report on the subject on 19 September. 

The proposal is for a new two-bay fire station, providing modern facilities, on part of the Rewley Road site, with the remaining areas developed for other uses. This would release capital funds to invest in other buildings across the county, including fire stations. 

The project – which is still at the development stage with no firm timeframe agreed – would involve creating a temporary fire station on the existing site to maintain emergency cover throughout construction of the new permanent fire station.

The final fire station would be on a smaller footprint but still provide the same fire engine response time.

It is proposed that some vehicle resources will move to Slade fire station and possible alternative locations. This will give greater flexibility to respond to emergencies, across the county.

These changes would be subject to the redevelopment of Slade fire station to accommodate additional vehicles.

The details remain proposals, subject to public consultation. 

Subject to sufficient funds becoming available, other plans, under consideration, include constructing a modern community safety hub at Carterton fire station, consisting of a new fire station and training facility. 

Rob MacDougall, Oxfordshire County Council’s Fire and Rescue Service’s Chief Fire Officer, said: “These plans are at an early stage, and we are currently in discussions within our teams. 

“Community safety is of course paramount. I can reassure residents and businesses that no decisions will be taken that impact on our ability to respond to emergencies.

“Any proposals will ensure we maintain our average response times across Oxford. 

“We always value the thoughts of local residents and partners, so we will seek their feedback on our proposals in due course.” 

Further updates on the plans will be released in coming months. 


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