Oddington to Islip road closure during the school summer holidays

The road will be closed while Oxfordshire County Council completes the work. It will eb closed during the school summer holidays between Islip and the first junction with Oddington.

A diversion will be signposted via areas including Beckley, Horton Cum Studley and Murcott.

The road closure is to enable the county council to undertake work involving a total replacement of the bridge on the outskirts of Islip. The work will also involve road edge reconstruction east of the bridge as far as the first road junction to Oddington in places where the road is exhibiting early signs of deterioration.

Communities, and residents directly affected by this forthcoming work are being informed.

As the bridge demolition and reconstruction will occupy the full five week period there will be no possibility of any vehicle movements across the bridge hence the need to close the road.

Vehicle access will be maintained from the Oddington end of the road closure to serve land and property on the Oddington side of the bridge. These vehicle movements will be guided past the edge strengthening work under caution due to the restricted road width available because of construction plant operating in these roadworks.

However, the council is ensuring that access between Oddington and Islip is maintained for pedestrians and cyclists. The section of the  route past the roadworks will be signed and guarded for reasons of safety.

Following discussions with the landowner and tenant the provision for pedestrians and cyclists will include a short section of surfaced footpath with a stream crossing, temporarily constructed on land to the north side of the bridge works. This temporary footpath will follow the hedge parallel to the road.