New advisory group hopes to make the voices of survivors of domestic abuse heard

Survivors of domestic abuse will be able to influence how Oxfordshire County Council provides support in the future thanks to a new ‘Lived Experienced Advisory Group’ (LEAG).

The new group will input into the work that Oxfordshire County Council and its providers carry out to ensure that the services delivered best reflect the needs of those who use them.

It hopes to hear from people from all different walks of life – particularly men, members of the LGBTQ+ community, minority ethnic groups, older people, and people with disabilities.

The group is voluntary, and members will receive payment for their time (including preparation time). Support will also be provided to engage such as travel expenses and support to get to face-to-face meetings. The group is led by a survivor of domestic abuse, and nobody will ever be asked to share information about experiences if they do not want to.

For more information, please contact Lisa Ward on 07798 905824 or email lisa@iamlisaward.com

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