Chipping Norton,

New 20mph speed limit in Chipping Norton Town Centre

Speed limits on streets within Chipping Norton Town Centre are to be reduced to 20mph in a bid to increase road safety.

A decision was taken in late 2018 by Oxfordshire County Council’s Cabinet Member for Environment Councillor Yvonne Constance for the current 30mph speed limits to be reduced to 20mph.

The proposals were originally made by Chipping Norton Town Council in response to concerns expressed by residents and councillors over road safety and the wider impact of traffic on residents.

Consultation took place in Autumn 2018 prior to the final decision being taken. Signage indicating the new speed limit is set be installed during late September and early October in time for the speed limit to take full effect in the first half of October.

Councillor Mark Walker, Deputy Mayor of Chipping Norton Town Council said: “The over-riding intent of the 20mph initiative is to make pedestrians feel they have as much right to use the roads as vehicles and feel less intimidated by traffic.

“In line with 20mph schemes elsewhere in the country we believe this will help make the streets safer for all users. Reduced vehicle speeds have been shown to give people confidence to walk and cycle more, so an added benefit could be a healthier lifestyle. Very importantly we hope there will be a positive impact on air quality, which all adds up to making Chipping Norton a more pleasant place to live. We look forward to the new speed limit coming into effect.”

Councillor Yvonne Constance said: “We have responded to concerns expressed by local people. Obviously we will monitor the impact that the new speed limit has during coming weeks and months.”