Motorists advised to drive carefully on water affected roads

Only one road has had to be closed as a result of flooding from watercourses or accumulations of water from nearby land - Lower Street in Islip.

However many roads do have water pooled and motorists are advised to drive with due care and attention – not only for their own safety but also that of pedestrians and residents who live near roads.

Cllr Rodney Rose, the deputy leader of Oxfordshire County Council, said: “Our emergency planning and fire and rescue teams have been keeping a close eye on water levels throughout the New Year period along with colleagues from the Environment Agency.

“We’ve got a number of flood alerts but no flood warnings as a result of high water levels.

“However motorists should drive very carefully around or through pooled water on roads. Driving too quickly could lead to loss of control and an accident.

“Considerate driving would also mean avoiding drenching pedestrians by passing through water at an inappropriate speed or creating bow waves that can temporarily impact on people’s properties.

“We would also continue to advise people to obey any signage on towpaths that advise against walking through flooded areas.”