More community groups to receive funding for open-access children’s services

Start-up funding for a further ten community schemes to run open access services at children’s centres has been approved by Oxfordshire County Council.

The proposals, which stand to receive a total of £258,458, are the latest to be considered as part of the transition from council-funded to community-led services at children’s centre locations.

Community services will complement the council’s new service for 0-19 year-olds, which will meet the needs and aspirations of children at risk of abuse and neglect in Oxfordshire, and ensure that families who need extra help are identified at an early stage.

Total adds up

When added to previously considered applications, the approval of these latest proposals would give a total of 25 funded community schemes for services such as ‘stay and play’ to continue at children’s centres across the county.

On top of this, open access sessions are continuing at the Children and Family Centres and satellite centres at the heart of the council’s new Children’s Service.

Fantastic response

Oxfordshire County Council’s Cabinet Member for Local Communities Councillor Mark Gray said: “Over the last year we have seen a tremendous response from local communities who have taken up the baton for the delivery of open access children’s services across the county.

“In many cases what parents will see when they come into these centres will be little different from when they were fully funded by the council, and that’s testament to the commitment and hard work of local people who have made this happen.”

He added: “It has never been the council’s desire to see children’s centres close, and through the transition fund we have worked alongside a large number of community groups to help them bring their plans to fruition.”

List of applicants / children’s centres recommended to receive third-round transition funding:

  • Ambrosden 4 Children (Ambrosden Children’s Centre): £5,964

  • Donnington Doorstep (Florence Park Children’s Centre): £32,239

  • St Johns Church – Grove PCC (Grove & Wantage Children’s Centres): £40,000

  • HBC Superdads (Marston Northway Children’s Centre): £5,940

  • Henley Baptist Church and D:two (Rainbow Children’s Centre): £8,000 (Received £21,900 in previous funding round)

  • Abingdon Baby Café (North Abingdon Children’s Centre): £5,000

  • Abingdon Carousel (South Abingdon Children’s Centre): £35,500

  • Sunshine Centre (Sunshine Children’s Centre): £18,585

  • Witney Churches (Witney Children’s Centre): £30,000

  • Friends of Brittania Road (Brittania Road Children’s Centre, Banbury): £6,414

  • The Kings Church (South Didcot): £20,000

    List of proposals approved in second round transition funding:

  • Ace Centre Charity (Ace Centre, Chipping Norton): £29.983
  • Barton Community Association (Barton EI Satellite, Oxford): £14,000
  • Employment Action Group (Berinsfield Children’s Centre): £35,000
  • Chalgrove Primary School (Chalgrove and Watlington Children’s Centres) £30,000
  • Faringdon Town Council (Faringdon Children’s Centre): £30,000
  • Kidlington with Hampton Poyle PCC (Kaleidoscope Children’s Centre, Kidlington): £35,000
  • Friends of Maple Tree (Maple Tree Children’s Centre, Wheatley): £30,000
  • Cutteslowe Community Association (North Oxford Children’s Centre): £30,000
  • Wallingford Town Council (Wallingford Children’s Centre): £30,000

List of proposals approved in first round:

  • Bloxham Primary School (Butterfly Meadows, Children’s Centre): £29,384
  • Carterton Town Council (Carterton Children’s Centre): £30,000
  • Botley Bridges (Elms Road Children’s Centre, Oxford): £30,000
  • Grandpont Nursery (Grandpont Children’s Centre, Oxford): £35,600
  • St Nicholas Primary School (Marston Northway Children’s Centre): £8,000
  • Sharing Life Trust (Red Kite Children’s Centre, Thame): £30,000

List of Children and Family Centres and satellite centres:

  • Banbury
  • Bicester
  • Witney
  • Abingdon
  • Didcot
  • Barton
  • Rose Hill
  • Blackbird Leys
  • East Oxford (satellite centre)
  • Banbury (satellite centre).