March 7 meeting will scrutinise Phase 1 of NHS Transformation plans

A special meeting of the watchdog committee that scrutinises the local NHS has been set for Tuesday March 7.

The Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee is made of up of county, district and city councillors and co-opted members of the public.

The March 7 meeting will be held at County Hall in Oxford to formally scrutinise the proposals in Phase 1 of Oxfordshire NHS’s Transformation Consultation and consider whether they are in the interests of local communities and health services in Oxfordshire.

The Committee is inviting written submissions of views and evidence from interested parties, key stakeholders and local groups before the meeting via the Committee officer to inform the Committee’s debate and its formal response. Responses should be sent to Julie.dean@oxfordshire.gov.uk

People can still apply to address the Committee directly via the following link https://www.oxfordshire.gov.uk/cms/content/get-involved-meetings).

For the sake of ensuring that the wide variety of viewpoints are heard it is hoped that this will happen via different interests groups nominating one speaker to represent their overall view to the meeting.

The Committee’s scheduled meeting on February 2 will discuss the NHS plans for communicating and consulting on the proposals, but not their content.