MAN V FAT comes to Bicester

Soccer-based weight loss programme MAN V FAT launches in Bicester on Friday May 4.

Aimed to appeal to men put off by traditional weight loss programmes, the 16-week free course starts with a weekly weigh-in before a 30 minute six-a-side game at Whiteland Farm Sports Ground.

Set up by Andrew Shanahan who himself lost five stone and was fed-up with classes aimed primarily at women, MAN v FAT combines football with easy to follow diet and lifestyle advice as well as 24/7 online and offline support.

Extra goal bonuses are awarded depending on the pounds lost by the players, so it becomes a real team effort.

Slots are available between 8pm and 10pm and the Bicester scheme follows hard on the heels of a successful league running in Oxford.

The course is free because it has been set up in partnership with Oxfordshire County Council-funded healthy weight loss service, Achieve.

MAN V FAT is now endorsed by the Football Association and spokesman Andy Dyke said: “Football doesn’t begin and end with the professional game, there are different levels and styles of football played throughout the UK.

“This is a brilliant initiative for anyone who wants to address their weight and start working their way back into playing football. The results of the leagues are extremely impressive and we are excited to see the impact this could have on men’s health.”

Christopher Smith joined the Oxford league in October 2017 and rapidly lost 10kg. He said: “I joined because I have always enjoyed sports but also always enjoyed food.

“Unfortunately, with commitments and job changes, food got the better of me and sports became harder. This was the perfect opportunity for me to do something I love and the motivation to lose weight. 

“It was an easy to sign up and communication was good. Registration night was a small wake up call, with the weigh-in and gave me more motivation. I managed to meet some of my team mates and got to know them. Week by week, kilo by kilo, the weight came off.”

Players can join up at Achieve – Healthy Weight Loss Oxfordshire on 01865 338119 or they can get more information online.