Making Littleworth Road in Benson safer

Measures aimed at making Littleworth Road in Benson safer in response to the recent approval of new housing in the area and the resulting increase in traffic have been approved by Oxfordshire County Council.

A new 20mph speed limit will be introduced – replacing the current 30mph limit – as well as traffic calming measures, a 7.5T weight limit and traffic calming.

There will be three new zebra crossings:

  • on Littleworth Road near the access to the new development;

  • on Oxford Road near its junction with Littleworth Road (this junction will become a roundabout)

  • on Watlington Road east of its junction with Littleworth Road – at the location of the current pedestrian refuge.

The plans were approved by Oxfordshire County Council on April 27. They are being paid for with finance provided by the developers responsible for the new housing that has been approved by South Oxfordshire District Council.