Latest news from the Harwell Link Road team

It’s still all-go for the Harwell Link Road team with more progress being made since our last update. The team are currently carrying out lining work for the water attenuation ponds and plans have been agreed for high-voltage line diversions to take place in late-September.

South Roundabout 

The binder level of tarmac is now complete on all of the roundabout with the subsequent and final layer of wearing course set to be laid in September. Vehicle restraint systems have been installed and traffic is now running on the south side of the roundabout.

On the footpaths one section will have its last section of binder layer laid in early August. The wearing course for the footpaths is due to be laid in September Putting up the street lighting should start in early August and be completed by mid-August.

North Roundabout

The team are currently building the gabion wall on north side of roundabout and the south side drainage installation and service duct installation is in progress. Tactile paving is being installed at the crossing points. Kerbs are now complete on the south side so that tarmac can be laid soon.

Pedestrians will be diverted to the new footpath area which runs around the south side of the roundabout, this frees up the road to enable us to continue with the works in the north.