Latest news from the Harwell Link Road team


Traffic information

  • Traffic lights remain on the A417 whilst the final items are completed
  • On the B4493, traffic lights will be in permanent use now for a number of months

Progress so far

As the pictures show, the roads and roundabouts are starting to really look like… roads and roundabouts! The team has been kept busy getting all the materials in place and things like kerbing laid. At the moment our contractors are working in three key locations: 

South Roundabout

On the south side of the southern roundabout the team has just laid ‘binder level’ tarmac – the layer beneath the surface you will drive on. The kerbstones and footpaths are now completed on this roundabout. The north side of the roundabout already has the binder level in place. 

North Roundabout

Here the team are continuing to use filling on the north and south side of roundabout to build up the ground. The gas diversion along the roundabout has been completed. Preparations are also being made for the installation of gabion retaining walls. 

Link road

The ‘V’ ditch on link road is 50% complete, work is temporarily postponed due to nesting birds, and the situation will be reviewed in July, subject to Ecologists report.All duct boxes and chambers at south end of link road are completed and drainage work is continuing.