Latest news from the Harwell Link Road project


Traffic news

  • Initial traffic management, including temporary traffic lights, remains in place on the A417
  • Temporary traffic lights are being used occasionally on the B4493
  • The existing bridleway is now temporarily closed.

How the work is going

Work is progressing well on the Harwell link road project with progress becoming more visible across the site.The team has lowered ducts at side of the A417 by the new roundabout, to allow for construction.

BT will shortly be lowering their ducts containing fibre optic and broadband cables.The site is now receiving 1000 tonnes per day of class 1A fill material to build up the south roundabout area.

A haul road has been formed from A417 roundabout north as far as the bridleway. Work has also started on the formation of an improved delivery access from the B4493 for the north roundabout construction.

Tree felling is nearing completion adjacent to B4493, where traffic lights are occasionally required for safe working.