Latest news from the Access to Headington scheme

Traffic management 

  • Two narrow lanes are being maintained on The Slade to keep traffic moving

  • Drivers are asked not to overtake cyclists in the narrowed lanes

  • Pedestrians are asked to use the pedestrian crossings provided for safety reasons


Work on The Slade as part of Access to Headington is well underway. Two weeks in and the team on site have made good progress and are currently working on the southbound side of The Slade between Old Road and Peat Moors.

New kerbs and cycle lane resurfacing

The work has so far involved setting up the site and site welfare facilities, setting out the traffic management, removing white lines on the road and replacing them with temporary studs for the narrowed lanes, excavation of the existing footway and kerbs and an upgrade of the existing drainage that runs alongside the road.

Over the coming week the team will begin laying new kerbs in their new position and will also be surfacing the footway and cycle lane. 

To keep traffic flowing through the work, we have kept two lanes running at all times. These lanes are narrow so please take extra care and do not over take cyclists.

There may be times during the project when the traffic will have to be controlled under temporary traffic lights, however we will keep this to a minimum and during off-peak hours to cause as little disruption as possible. 

Pedestrian safety request

To allow for enough room to carry out the work safely, the footpath has been closed and pedestrians are being diverted across onto the other side of the road via pedestrian crossings and a pedestrian marshal. We would advise any pedestrians not to walk on the road around the construction work as it is not safe.