Last chance to comment on Oxfordshire's transport plan

Connecting Oxfordshire sets out the council’s ambitions for transport improvements across the county to 2031, over which time up to 100,000 new homes are planned to built and 85,000 new jobs are likely to be created.

Local Transport Plan

The plan includes an overall policy document for the County, plus our ambitions for transport across Oxfordshire, focusing on areas of the county likely to see development. This includes our new Oxford Transport Strategy, which sets out ambitious plans for transport in and around Oxford, including looking at mass transit solutions like bus rapid transit services along strategic routes, transforming the park and ride network and making it easier to cycle by introducing cycle super routes across the city.

There are separate cross-county strategies for cycling, freight and buses and our innovative Science Transit vision is also included for consultation, plus strategies for our main growth areas. The plan features a range of short, medium and long term solutions, which have been influenced by consultations and discussions held over the last year.


This marks the final opportunity for people to provide feedback on the plan before it is presented in its final format to cabinet later this year. The consultation is open until Thursday 2 April and responses can be completed by going to the council’s website.


People can also comment and discuss our plans using the Connecting Oxfordshire Facebook page or by tweeting at the council using #ConnectingOxfordshire.