Large majority of Oxfordshire parents and children offered first choice secondary for 2020/21

Parents and children across Oxfordshire have been offered their first choice of secondary school for 2020/21 in the vast majority of cases.

Almost 89 per cent of applications have been awarded their first choice. A total of 97 percent have been offered one of the four choices they listed on their application.

Ahead of national averages

Oxfordshire’s almost 89 per cent compares with national averages for first choice offers in recent years as follows:



84.2 per cent


84.1 per cent


83.5 per cent


82.1 per cent


80.9 per cent

Councillor Lorraine Lindsay-Gale, Oxfordshire County Council’s Cabinet Member for Education and Cultural Services, said: “Our school admissions team have done an excellent job in ensuring that so many parents and children have been offered their first choice. I am grateful to them for the hard work they’ve done.

“Although the 2020/21 national average will not be published for a few months, we are very likely to be ahead of that yet once more in Oxfordshire – as we have been in all previous years. Our aim as a council is to give every child a good start in life and our school admissions team play their part in that year in, year out.”