Kidlington Fire Station to host ‘have a go day’ for residents

‘Come and have a go’…. that is the message from Oxfordshire County Council’s Fire and Rescue Service, as they invite residents to a ‘taster day’ at Kidlington Fire Station on Saturday 11 June.   

Fire crews will be offering people from a range of backgrounds an opportunity to experience what it takes to be a firefighter, or a member of the fire prevention team. Participants will be able to ask questions to those already in the service.

At Kidlington there will be a chance to try out physical assessments such as ladder climbing and putting on breathing apparatus. Firefighters will also offer advice on how to build up strength and fitness.

The team will explain how the recruitment process works, how long it takes and what it is like being a firefighter, both whole-time, and on-call.

The overriding message is that Oxfordshire wants to have a diverse team of firefighters, reflecting gender, race, religion, sexual orientation and gender identity.

On-call firefighters are everyday people with normal jobs and hobbies. They have flexibility to drop everything at a moment’s notice when they get an emergency call.

The recruitment campaign is designed to enhance community relationships, break down barriers and deliver the right service and advice at the right time, with the right outcome.

Kidlington firefighter, Oliver Highton, said: “Fire doesn’t discriminate, and neither does the fire service. If you think you have what it takes to be an on-call firefighter, we want to hear from you.”

Ideally on-call firefighters should live within five minutes of the nearest fire station, but anyone further afield is encouraged to get in contact; there are a range of other opportunities.

Businesses are being asked to allow employees to become on-call firefighters. Participating organisations often find they enhance their reputation by giving back to the local community.

The on-call workforce consists of individuals who provide variable levels of cover, to suit their work and personal lives. 

To pre-book on the ‘have a go day’ at Kidlington Fire Station on Saturday 11 June, and for details of future ‘taster’ days, visit Oxfordshire County Council’s website or email fire.recruitment@oxfordshire.gov.uk


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