Junction trial in Oxford next week

A trial of new proposed road junction arrangements is to take place next week in Oxford.

The trial is being carried out to test certain aspects one of the proposals contained in the city centre transport measures recently consulted on by the county council – namely a revised layout at the junction of New Road / Worcester Street / Park End Street.

The proposed changes at this junction are aimed at maintaining across city bus journey times and improving conditions for all road users.

Close monitoring of measures

The measures that will be tested will include the switching off of the existing traffic signal junction, temporary markings to form a standard ‘t’ – junction with give way markings and pedestrian crossings. Officers will be closely monitoring the trial.

The trial will not fully replicate all the features of the proposed new layout (the proposed new pedestrian crossing arrangements in particular will not be in place in their final proposed form or location) so we will only be able to monitor and assess certain aspects of the junction operation.

Three day test

This trial will take place from Tuesday 27 June 2017 and stay in place until the afternoon of Friday 30 June. The trial will be manned for the first day and monitored via recorded CCTV for the rest of the period.

Signs notifying people of the temporary changes will be on all approaches to the junction during the trial.