Joining an Oxfordshire Library

Most people can join the library service online and your library card will be sent to you in the post. However, if you wish to join as one if the categories below, you are advised to visit a library so that staff can advise you of the terms and conditions. There are 43 libraries in Oxfordshire.

Children under 5 years

We encourage children of all ages to have their own library card, even from birth! A parent or guardian will be asked to act as a guarantor when you join the child.

Books, up to 20 at one time, are free to borrow and there are no fines on overdue items. Parents often worry about damage to books. We do accept this can happen so we do not charge for damage or loss on an under-5 library card.

Children over 5 years, young people and adults

You can borrow up to 20 books at one time. Books are free to borrow but you will be liable for fines on overdue items. Books are issued for 3 weeks. Audio items such as  DVDs, audio CDs and music CDs are available to hire.

Children and young people with reading impairment up to 17 years old

Children and Young People who have a permanent disability, chronic disease or special need such as dyslexia can join as a special category that enables them to have reduced or no charges on fines, reservations and audio hire. Talk to library staff who can advise you and direct you to books that can help.


Registered childminders can obtain a library card for their work as well as having an individual adult library card. As a childminder you are able to borrow 20 books at one time, issued for 6 weeks. You will be exempt from fines on overdue books.

Nursery and pre-school settings

Settings can also join the library service as a Health and Education Institution library card holder. Settings will need to nominate a responsible person to take care of the book loans, oversee the library account and liaise with the library service. This will allow settings to borrow up to 20 books at one time for a loan period of 10 weeks. There will not be any fines for overdue items.

Libraries for families

Our libraries welcome people of all ages to our libraries. Young families will often find fun and friendly activities such as regular rhymetimes, holiday storytimes and craft sessions.