Iffley Road, Botley Road, Cowley and Headington areas are the focus for continuing streetlighting improvement work

Oxfordshire County Council’s £3.8m programme to improve 3,200 streetlights in the county continues in Oxford from September 4.

The streetlights are being replaced with new steel columns and higher quality LED light solution which also reduces energy and future on-going maintenance requirements.

The streets where work is scheduled to take place from Monday, September 4 are:

  • Iffley Road area: Argyle Street; Bedford Street; Cavell Road; Chester Street; Daubeny Road; Fairacres Road; Jackdaw Lane; Meadow Lane; Parker Street; Stratford Street; Warwick Street.

  • Botley Road area: Barrett Street; Binsey Lane; Cripley Place; Cripley Road; Duke Street; Earl Street; Harley Road; Helen Road; Henry Road; Hillview Road; Mill Street; Oatlands Road; Riverside Road; Russell Street

  • Cowley: Regent Street; Wingfield Street; Golden Road; Morris Crescent; Percy Street; Randolph Street; Shelley Road; Sidney Street; Silver Road

  • Headington: Stephen Road; Tile House Close; Trafford Road.

The finance for the scheme as a whole comes from a £2.8m central Government grant and £1m of Oxfordshire County Council capital funding.