Help and advice on potential for flooding

There are a range of web pages providing useful information to the public.

Flood alerts and flood warnings for the nation as a whole and the South East in particular are published here

The Environment Agency also monitors river levels for various watercourses in and around Oxfordshire. Information can be found here

The three day flood risk for individual parts of England and Wales is updated daily by the Environment Agency here

The risk for Oxfordshire is ""VERY LOW for January 12/13/14.

The Met Office's Rainfall radar is also a useful resource to monitor incoming weather.

You can also check for power cuts in your area here: https://www.ssepd.co.uk/Powertrack

Should your property be affected by flood water please notify the relevant authorities- district council for sandbags, fire & rescue service if property is flooded.

Carol Mackay, Oxfordshire County Council’s Principal Emergency Planning Officer, said: “River levels had started to drift downwards in recent days but are now likely to rise again in response to the continued rainfall.

“Some further wet weather is forecast before what appears to be a colder drier period next week. The Environment Agency has issued its lowest level of alert on a number of rivers and watercourses.

“The flood alerts asks people to be aware that some flooding may be possible. It is the lowest level of alert. There are currently no flood warnings in Oxfordshire.

“People may be tempted by canal and river towpath walks. If there are signs up saying that the towpath or land adjacent to a river or stream is not passable because river levels have risen, please obey such signage. It is not put up unless there is a risk to walkers. Public safety must always be considered. Please do not put yourself in danger or visit flooded areas specifically to take pictures."

"We will update the public if there are any other problems of this nature. Motorists should avoid driving through water for their own safety, that of nearby pedestrians and for the sake of any homeowners who could be affected by bow waves."

“The county council and its partner agencies will all be keeping an eye on river levels and ask residents to do the same.”

Roads currently closed due to flooding

  • Lower Street, Islip
  • Spring Lane, Playhatch