New strategy aims to improve health outcomes for all

More than a thousand people in Oxfordshire have helped the county council prepare a new strategy to improve health outcomes for local people over the next five years.

The new health and wellbeing strategy for Oxfordshire, 2024 - 2030, has been developed by Oxfordshire's Health and Wellbeing Board – the partnership between local NHS services, the county council, the city and district councils and Healthwatch Oxfordshire.

Councillor Liz Leffman, Leader of Oxfordshire County Council and Chair of the Oxfordshire Health and Wellbeing Board said: “Health in the county is generally good compared with the national picture. Residents live longer here than elsewhere and remain healthy into older age for longer than the national average.

“However, we still face many challenges: an ageing population, and increased demand for services, mental health and wellbeing remains a challenge, especially for our families, children, and young people.

“We know there are still significant inequalities in health outcomes in many areas of the county. People in our poorest neighbourhoods are experiencing worse health than our more affluent areas and are dying younger from avoidable conditions. This is a reflection of the national picture – the life expectancy gap is widening in the UK.

“We know that by working together there are many opportunities to be had to tackle this. This strategy provides a strong and unified vision for the county over the next six years. We hope that it will allow us to tackle many of the barriers that people face in seeking good health and wellbeing, by focusing on the things people need to be healthy – stable employment, a warm home and environments that encourage healthier living.

“We have already made tremendous progress and I am confident that with our new health and wellbeing strategy, we can achieve even more.”

The strategy can be read in full by visiting Oxfordshire County Council’s website.

The development and publication of the Oxfordshire health and wellbeing strategy is a statutory duty of the Oxfordshire Health and Wellbeing Board.

The board's joint working approach aims to improve everyone’s health and wellbeing, but especially of those people who have health problems or are in difficult circumstances due to age or vulnerability.

This strategy has been informed by the themes in the Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Berkshire West Integrated Care System Strategy published in March 2023. The new strategy also incorporates data and insight from the Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA 2023) of Oxfordshire’s population and the factors affecting health, wellbeing and social care needs.

In developing this strategy, more than 400 residents of Oxfordshire and diverse partner organisations responded to the strategy through a public consultation. Concerns and ideas expressed have been considered and incorporated into the final strategy.

Over 1,000 residents from many seldom heard communities were also engaged with to learn what challenges they face and what helps them stay well and healthy. Residents can find out more by reading Healthwatch Oxfordshire’s engagement report. 

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