Had a clear out of the attic, or found some strange things at the back of the garage?

Hazardous items such as household and garden chemicals can be taken to the sites, as well as engine oil and car batteries. Gas bottles and fire extinguishers are also collected for return to the manufacturers. Good quality unwanted paint can be donated to the Oxfordshire scrapstore Orinoco – for more information visit www.oxorinoco.org. Paint is also accepted at Household Waste Recycling Centre’s but should be hardened before being brought to the sites by adding soil, sand or sawdust to prevent it spilling out of the tins.

Councillor David Nimmo-Smith said: “It is important to ensure that certain items are disposed of correctly – for example chemicals poured down the drain can contaminate water courses, and putting gas bottles into the general waste bin can mean these exploding in waste collection vehicles or at treatment facilities. This is especially important to remember now that we are delivering waste to the Ardley Energy Recovery Facility instead of sending it to landfill, as hazardous waste such as gas bottles can cause problems at the plant.”

In 2013/14 Oxfordshire was the top performing county for recycling and produced the lowest amount of waste per household in the country.

Oxfordshire County Council provides seven Household Waste Recycling Centres which are open every day from 8am-5pm. For more information visit www.oxfordshire.gov.uk/waste or call 08450 50 45 50.