Grove trees to be replaced following footway fix

A group of poplar trees proved unpopular on a new housing estate in Grove when their roots started to damage the paving.

The county council recently ‘adopted’ Wolage Drive when it was built by developers. This means, like in other areas across Oxfordshire, the county council maintains the roads, pavements and streetlights.

Unfortunately a group of trees that had been growing there since before the development was built had other ideas and started to lift the paving bricks which meant that area had become unsafe for pedestrians.

The county council stepped in and removed the offending trees and got to work repairing the damage. New trees, the far better behaved Liquidambar styraciflua and Betula albosinensi, will arrive and be planted in the Autumn.

The photos above show the trees with the damaged areas marked up, work in progress repairing the damage and the finished area awaiting the new trees.