Food poverty services in Oxfordshire promoted by county council and partners

People in Oxfordshire who are struggling to buy quality healthy food are to receive further support from Oxfordshire County Council and food advocacy organisation Good Food Oxfordshire (GFO).

The two organisations have teamed up with partners at Oxford City Council, and the county’s district councils, to expand the Oxfordshire Community Food Services Map, developing networks of community food providers in local areas.

As winter approaches, Oxfordshire County Council is encouraging charities, and other organisations supporting the community with food poverty, to register with GFO and signpost residents in need to check the map to find a service near them.

Councillor Liz Leffman, Leader of Oxfordshire County Council, said: “At a time when so many in our communities are struggling to afford the basics of life, our fantastic community food sector continues to support thousands of families every week across Oxfordshire. Throughout the pandemic, we’ve invested in community food services across the county, and with the city and district councils, continue to support the excellent work of our partners at Good Food Oxfordshire.”

Fiona Steel, manager at Good Food Oxfordshire, said: “Being confident that we will be able to put meals on the table for our families is central to almost everyone’s sense of self. This is why access to good quality, affordable food, is not just a matter of physical health but vital for our mental well-being.

“Everyone can find a food service near them by using the Oxfordshire Community Food Services Map. I would also urge any voluntary and community sector providers who haven’t registered their services to contact mail@goodfoodoxford.org and we can get you registered on the map.”

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