Overnight flooding recedes in southern Oxfordshire

Oxfordshire County Council's Fire and Rescue Service dealt with a spate of calls between 4am and 10am linked to the impacts of the heavy rain that has moved across southern England overnight.

Much drier weather has followed the overnight rain during Friday, September 16 across Oxfordshire. Flash flooding as been receding. Oxfordshire is no longer under any of the Met Office yellow or amber alerts for heavy rain and Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue is no longer dealing any flooding related incidents.

Areas that were affected by flash flooding included Didcot, Goring, Wallingford, Abingdon, Cholsey, South Stoke and East Hagbourne.

Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue attended Wallingford Community Hospital where some parts of the buildings were impacted by flooding.

Firefighters also attended to assist in dealing with flooding at Didcot Parkway Railway Station and worked to protect some properties from waters on Station Road in Cholsey.

Group Manager Gary Coupar of Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue said: "We’ve had to deal with a number of instances of cars becoming stranded as a result of trying to drive through floodwater. People should avoid doing this

“If the electrics in your home are being affected by floodwater please turn off the electricity”

A number of flood alerts are in place in Oxfordshire. This is the Environment Agency's lowest form of alert. Details can be found on their website. https://flood-warning-information.service.gov.uk/river-and-sea-levels