High river levels and weather issues in Oxfordshire

River levels in Oxfordshire remain high after recent rainfall with multiple flood alerts still in place. Both rainfall and colder spells remain in the forecast for February.

Met Office information

The Met Office issues weather warnings when severe conditions are expected - whether heavy rain, snow or ice.

It is also possible to monitor incoming rain/snow on the Met Office's rainfall radar.

Gritting in cold weather and snow

A daily decision is taken by Oxfordshire County Council on whether or not to send out the gritters. In conditions where heavy snow is predicted the gritters can be fitted with snowploughs.

Monitoring flood alerts and flood warnings

A flood alert means that people in the affected area should be aware that flooding is possible and they should be prepared. A flood warning means that flooding is expected and immediate action is required. More detail is provided by the Environment Agency.

Below are links to important information to help Oxfordshire residents monitor the situation - including Environment Agency updates on river levels, flood warnings and alerts and flood risk over coming days. 

  • It is possible to monitor the precise current state of play as regards flood alerts and flood warnings in Oxfordshire by checking the Environment Agency's regularly updated information.
  • Levels on specific rivers in the county are also monitored and updated several times each day by the Environment Agency.
  • The Environment Agency also issues a five day flood risk for the whole of England based on weather forecasting and current river levels.

Preparing for flooding

Oxfordshire County Council has a flooding toolkit giving advice to residents, business and landowners on how to prepare and respond to flooding.

Road closures

  • Islip: Lower Street
  • Buckland: Great Brook Road