Large majority of Oxfordshire parents and children offered first choice primary for 2021/22

A total of 93.09 per cent (6,409) of applications have been awarded their first choice for starting infant or primary school in Oxfordshire. Last year’s figure was 90.60%, meaning a higher proportion of parents and children across the county have been offered their first choice of primary school for 2021/22.

A total of 98.86 per cent (6,806) have been offered one of the four choices they listed on their application.

Kevin Gordon, Oxfordshire County Council’s Director of Children Services, said: “Our school admissions team has done an excellent job in ensuring that so many parents and children have been offered their first choice. I am grateful to the team for all its hard work. Our aim as a council is to give every child a good start in life and our school admissions team play an essential part in that year in, year out.”