Firefighters respond to damage caused by strong winds

Nine firefighters using a rescue pump and hydraulic platform worked on the third floor level to make safe the 6m by 2m facade and advised residents in the block to stay indoors whilst the emergency work was carried out.

Mat Carlile, the county council's Fire and Rescue Service's Area Manager for Strategic Risk & Planning, said: "There has been major disruption over the past few weeks because of the stormy weather and the latest hazard we have had to deal with is high winds, which partly dislodged the frontage of a block of flats in Bicester.

"We asked residents to stay inside as a precaution as Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service carried out the repairs."

Roof blown off a property in Wolvercote

Firefighters were earlier on Wenesday February 12 called out to Rowland Close, Wolvercote where wind blew off a roof from a property, which landed on a vehicle which was parked nearby. Nobody was injured.

Other incidents firefighters have attended to in this most recent spell of bad weather include the pumping of flood water from Oxford's Abingdon and Botley Roads and the evacuation of around 20 residents from a caravan park at Bablockhythe, near Northmoor.