Fire and Rescue Service taps into Fire Sprinkler Week

Fire Sprinkler Week (March 16-22) is co-ordinated by the Chief Fire Officers' Association (CFOA), which is pressing for a legal requirement to fit sprinklers in higher risk premises, such as care homes.

Action already taken locally

Locally sprinkler systems have been fitted at Campsfield House immigration detention centre near Kidlington following an October 2013 fire there after repeated advice was given by Oxfordshire's Chief Fire Officer David Etheridge on the issue to the Home Office.

Oxford City Council has also pledged over the next few years to fit sprinklers in five high rise buildings in the city after close working with the county's Fire and Rescue Service.

The awareness week is focusing on the way fitting sprinklers can help businesses by reducing the impact of a fire.

Benefits of sprinklers

Mr Etheridge, who is also the CFOA Vice President Elect, said: "Having sprinklers fitted is not an expensive process and they are recognised nationally to be an effective tool in preventing fire deaths and property damage whilst also helping to save money following a fire.

"Sprinklers also help protect firefighters responding to a fire and I am delighted that moves have been made locally to get them fitted at various locations following advice from Oxfordshire County Council Fire and Rescue Service.

"I would certainly recommend to businesses and other organisations responsible for particular buildings to take the opportunity during Fire Sprinkler Week to look at the options available regarding the installation of sprinklers."