Festival makes for a RoARing start to September in Oxford

Oxford’s Ark-T Centre will play host to a festival organisers hope will be a “RoARing” success next week.

The RoAR festival is a full day event which will celebrate the projects of disabled children and young people in their summer activity programmes. It’s been scheduled for the final week of summer holidays as a finale to the summer programme, as well as displaying and presenting their creative work.

The day will feature a range of art, play and music activity workshops for children, young people and families, disabled and non-disabled and the wider community to engage with.

RoAR will showcase to the community, the families, and the individuals themselves the ability not the disability, and break down fear prejudice and stigma.

Working in partnership with professional disabled adults acts as strong role model messages as well as helping organisations understand the specifics required to enable best quality outcomes and practice.

Emmy O’Shaughnessy, Director of the ArkT Centre, said: “Through the festival we hope to start to support family's aspirations for their children in Oxfordshire. The aim of RoAR is to build confidence through a high quality participatory festival which will allow children to build their capabilities and have fun.”

This project is based in Oxford but will engage county-wide with disabled children and young people who are isolated by their location and the difficulties they face traveling distances from home independently without the help of their families.

The event will run from 11am – 5pm at the Ark – T Centre, Cromwell Road, Oxford, OX4 3LN.