February work planned for Frideswide

A new phase of essential maintenance and work to improve the western gateway into the city of Oxford is to start on 11 February during school half-term.

Frideswide Square will see repairs being made to kerbs and footways on reinforced concrete base at various locations by the railway station, by the side of the Royal Oxford Hotel, and at the approach of the westbound bus stop.

Money set aside for future work

Money was included in the budget of the main Frideswide Square work for any work needed in the future. The idea was that any issues found through monitoring the radically altered layout could be dealt with through the money set aside – there are no new costs for this work.

Benefits for visually impaired people and cyclists

While the contractors are on site they will also be installing permanent outline of the tactile paving with dark stone to assist visually impaired users at all crossing points. Cyclists will also benefit from new dropped kerbs by the railway station which will create a new link between on/off road facilities between Botley Road and the Square.

This final phase of work on Frideswide Square has been scheduled to coincide with resurfacing work Oxford City Council have planned on Hollybush Row meaning that overall disruption will be kept to a minimum.

Access to businesses and properties for deliveries will be maintained at all times. Pedestrian and cycling routes through the square and to all frontages will also be maintained.

Stage one between 11 – 28 February 2018

The first stage of work, which will take place between 11 and 28 February will include a repair to the kerbing by the train station and creation of an access for cyclists to the off road cycling area. A reinforced concrete slab will be created which has to cure for seven days and this will be followed by the installation of new kerbs and Yorkstone slabs.

There will be no changes to existing bus stops during this stage of work. Left turns from station into the square will be prohibited. Traffic movements from/to Botley Road will be unaffected. The traffic management will be supported by temporary traffic signals on the exit of the station and by the westbound bus stop for traffic travelling into Botley Road.