Father’s Day fire safety advice from Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service

Male residents are most likely to be injured in a fire.

That is why Father’s Day advice from Oxfordshire County Council Fire and Rescue Service is for dads – alongside other residents – to stay safe; reminding everyone about the dangers of fires.

Data from Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service shows that most people injured in fires are males, aged 30 to 59.

Nearly 50% are hurt trying to fight a fire or returning to burning property in an attempt to retrieve possessions.

Andy Ford, Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service, explains:

“People don’t realise how quickly fire spreads. Or that just a couple of breaths of smoke can be debilitating, meaning they cannot get themselves out of the house and away from the fire.

“Our message is Get Out, Stay Out and Call the fire service out!

“Close doors behind you to reduce the spread of fire and smoke, if you can and it is safe to do so.

“Our firefighters have the latest kit and breathing apparatus to enable them to go into a property and deal with a fire. The quicker everyone staying there is out and calls 999, the quicker we can get there to tackle the blaze.

“We know that dads are heroes for a huge number of reasons; but dying or suffering serious injury by trying to fight a fire isn’t going to make you a hero to anyone.

“Get out, stay out. Get the fire service out.”