Don’t just have an extra hour in bed – get ready for winter instead

Firefighters would like to people to see the clocks going back as a prompt to do a series of things.

These are:

  •          Complete a Home Fire Risk check online at http://www.365alive.co.uk/or by calling 0800 325999 or emailing community.safety@oxfordshire.gov.uk
  •          Making sure your smoke alarms are working and planning your escape route from home in the event of a fire. Having and practicing a plan can help your family act quickly in the event of a fire. Make sure all exits are clear of obstructions
  •          Get your chimney ready. Open fires are wonderful in winter but they chimneys should be swept once a year. People should avoid burning resinous woods and only burn suitable fuels; don’t overload the fireplace; let the fire burn out completely before you go to bed; use a British Standard fireguard to prevent sparks escaping; inspect your chimney breast, particularly the roof space and make sure fumes cannot escape through cracks or broken bricks.
  •          Be safe be seen! Cyclists should have working front and rear lights and reflectors to be used after sunset, before sunrise and in poor visibility. For cyclists or pedestrians, wearing dark clothing can make it difficult to be seen. High visibility clothing helps. Drivers and motorcyclists should be extra vigilant for motorists and cyclists during winter months.


Councillor Rodney Rose, the Deputy Leader of Oxfordshire County Council, said: “Much of the advice we offer is common sense.

“The trick is to trigger your mind-set in to winter mode at the right time and cut down on your risk of accidents at home or on the roads.

“Using the extra hour on Sunday to take up some of the advice offered might just save you a lot of problems in coming months.”