Didcot racks up more #activetravel opportunities

A stand is being made for active travel in Didcot… well, several stands in fact.

Oxfordshire County Council and Didcot Town Council have teamed up to install cycle stands in key locations in the town to make it easier for people to get out and about more on two wheels.

Teams of road crews are out in our towns and villages refreshing lines, clearing vegetation and restoring cycle paths to their full width as part of the first phase of the county council’s long-term active travel initiative. And soon people will start to see more racks like the ones in Didcot appearing near them.

County Councillor Liam Walker, Cabinet member for highway delivery and operation, said: “It is really good to see the results of the work we have been doing with local council’s like Didcot Town Council.

“It is important to remember that this type of work is only the start of what will be a concerted effort over months and years to really gear Oxfordshire’s transport infrastructure towards sustainability.

“I would encourage people to visit places like Didcot to support local businesses and also get their exercise. What better way to enjoy an afternoon than cycling to the shops and returning home with the things that you need?

 “I would also encourage people who started cycling, walking or running when lockdown was at its peak to keep up the good work so that they can continue to benefit from the health and environmental benefits.”

Cllr Mocky Khan, Leader of Didcot Town Council said: “Didcot Town Council is delighted to help get Didcot moving again – on two wheels rather than four! This complies with our declaration to make Didcot carbon neutral by 2030 and carbon zero by 2050. We look forward to working on more projects with Oxfordshire County Council.”

The stands have been installed at:

  • Wantage Road serving the bus stops and shops by Co-op petrol station
  • Wantage Road / Sherwood Road - near bike shop
  • Broadway outside Cancer Research
  • Broadway outside Crafters emporium