County Council acts swiftly after care agency ceases operation


People in Oxfordshire who were affected by the liquidation of home care agency Cleeve Link are receiving the care they need after the county council acted swiftly in the immediate aftermath of the news.

Staff at the county council were informed of the news on Friday, March 3 and more than 30 members of staff devoted their weekends and are continuing to provide direct care through this week to ensure that the 127 people affected received the care they require.

Cleeve Link also provided care in neighbouring areas such as Gloucestershire, Worcestershire and Swindon.

Council staff ensured that 125 of the affected people remained in their own home with temporary care arrangements while longer term care was sourced. More than 60 of these people now already have that longer term care arrangement in place with hard work continuing to put in place the same for the rest.

Only two of the 127 people have had respite arranged, following an individual assessment of how their needs can best be met in the interim. The council is continuing to work with these people and their families for them to return home in line with how to best their individual care needs can be met.

Kate Terroni, Director for Adult Social Care, said: “Our own social workers and occupational therapists have been providing direct care support to some individuals to ensure their needs have been met. Throughout the weekend county council staff worked with Cleeve Link, other care agencies, health partners, individuals and their families to ensure that people received their required care

“This was a very challenging event for our staff but they have risen to that challenge superbly and as a result nobody has been left without the care they need. The turnaround towards people having long term care arrangement put back in place is ongoing but has been swift and efficient”.

Councillor Judith Heathcoat, Oxfordshire County Council’s Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care, added: “It is our legal and moral responsibility to act in this way when sudden events in the market happen like this. However we are proud of the way our staff responded giving up time with their own families over a weekend having of course already completed a working week.

“This was done in an uncomplaining way and the effort and endeavour put into the task is reflected in the results we see this week. I would like to publicly thank them for that effort as otherwise it will go unsung. They are what public service and Oxfordshire County Council are all about.”