Councillors support motion on the Oxford-Cambridge Expressway

At the Council meeting on Tuesday 5 November 2019, Councillors voted in support of a motion on the Oxford to Cambridge Expressway, a transport scheme proposed by Highways England. The Council motion stated:

“Given the inadequate response from the Ministry of Housing Communities and Local Government to the concern of this Council regarding the Oxford to Cambridge Expressway, this Council asks the Leader to write to the Minister of Housing, Communities and Local Government and Highways England in the following terms:

Oxfordshire County Council will work with Highways England on the development of the vision for the English Economic Heartland and the Oxford to Cambridge Arc on the understanding that they will expedite the realisation of the East West Rail Link.

The development of the railway line will ensure the delivery of the growth and housing required, without the environmental impact of a road cutting across the centre of rural England.

Building the Expressway flies in the face of Oxfordshire’s commitment to reduce the use of the car. An action which is necessary to tackle the Climate Change Emergency, which Local Government, including Oxfordshire, has signed up to.

Oxfordshire does not support the building of the Expressway irrespective of which route is chosen.”

The motion was carried with 36 in favour, 11 against and eight abstentions.

Background on the motion

The proposed routes for the new expressway have not yet been decided by Highways England and public consultation is still to be held on the proposals. The consultation was due to be held in Autumn 2019. This will now take place after the General Election.

Further information about the Highways England proposals are here.