Corn Street, Witney- carriageway resurfacing between Butchers Court and Marlborough Lane

Due to a problem with the quality of the recently laid surfacing, the contractor has agreed to replace this entire section of surfacing at his own cost.

During the work, no parking will be permitted on Corn Street and there will be parking restrictions to allow free movement for emergency vehicles and other users around The Crofts estate, including Saxon Way/Orchard Way and Swingburn Place.

Two days of works

On 23 July, between approximately 7.30am and 2pm, contractors will remove the road surface. Access will be available with care but delays are expected. Following this, resurfacing will begin at the eastern end of Corn Street (Marlborough Lane end) and there will be no access available between Holloway Road and Marlborough Lane until 6pm. Access for residents and businesses will be available from 6pm until 9am the next day.

On 24 July, the contractor will complete the re-surfacing from east of Holloway Road  to Butchers Court between 9am and 6pm hours, during which time there will be no vehicular access available to this section of road.